Do you want to make a change to your home/building, such as building an extension? Change the use of your building? Or build something new? We can advise if planning permission is required and assist with acquiring planning permission. The cost of submitting a planning application varies across the region. Accurate survey drawings and correct technical information are prerequisite to both getting permission and being able to build what you get permission for.

Cutting corners might save you a few pounds getting the permission, but if errors in the drawings and technical information transpire it will cause delays and further costs in the development. At CAD Architecture we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the very best.

What is Planning?

Seeking planning permission is when we ask for permission to do a certain piece of building work. It is a legal requirement and must be sought prior to the start of any works beginning. Most developments require this, but not all. Decisions on whether to grant planning permission are made in line with national guidelines and local planning policies set out by the local authority. We have been operating in the west midlands area for over 20 years, we have a superior knowledge of what these planning policies are and are able to provide you with realistic recommendations that are likely to be approved.

Why Do I Need Planning Permission?

Some developments do not require planning permission. For those that do, it is important to obtain planning permission otherwise you risk the local planning authority taking action to have the work altered or demolished. This can be a very costly process. Some developments without planning permission can be a criminal offense, and in extreme cases it can lead to prosecution, unlimited fines and even imprisonment. At your site consultation we can advise you better.

How Long Does Planning Permission Last?

Planning permission will expire after a certain time period, normally three years from the date consent is granted, unless your permission says otherwise. If your planning consent is about to expire, there are several options open to you. First, you can make what is known as a material start to the project, as you only need to start the project, not finish it, within the three year period. However, if you need more time to plan effectively, you can reapply to ensure nothing is rushed. There is no longer an option to simply renew planning permission, so you will have to submit a re-application. Bear in mind that you are not guaranteed to get planning consent a second time, and you may be applying against a very different planning policy background three years down the line.

What We Will Do

Depending on the nature of the development, we will apply for building regulations on your behalf. We are able to provide a quote for this after your site consultation. There are mandatory inspections during various stages of the construction. We can liaise with your building contractors if you wish. Upon completion of the works we will obtain a certificate for your new development, this is usually within 8 weeks.